William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)

Greatest English dramatist & poet

We have the following works by William Shakespeare:

The Taming of the Shrew(play)159081 pages
King Henry VI, First Part(play)159184 pages
King Henry VI, Second Part(play)159194 pages
King Henry VI, Third Part(play)159193 pages
The Life and Death of King Richard III(play)1592109 pages
Romeo and Juliet(play)159495 pages
The Comedy of Errors(play)159459 pages
A Midsummer Night's Dream(play)159558 pages
The Tragedy of King Richard the Second(play)159577 pages
King Henry IV Part I(play)159688 pages
The Merchant of Venice(play)159678 pages
King Henry IV Part II(play)159799 pages
The Merry Wives of Windsor(play)159791 pages
Much Ado About Nothing(play)159882 pages
The Life of King Henry V(play)159894 pages
As You Like It(play)159985 pages
Julius Caesar(play)159977 pages
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark(play)1601110 pages
The History of Troilus and Cressida(play)1601106 pages
The Tragedy of King Lear(play)1601101 pages
Twelfth Night(play)160180 pages
Othello, Moor of Venice(play)1602103 pages
The Sonnets(poems)1602154 pages
All's Well That Ends Well(play)160391 pages
Macbeth(play)160573 pages
Antony and Cleopatra(play)1606116 pages
The Tragedy of Coriolanus(play)1607111 pages
The Tempest(play)161064 pages

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