W. Somerset Maugham: The Moon and Sixpence

Table of Contents

The Moon and Sixpence: All artists should read this book. It is a fictionalization of the life of post-impressionist artist Paul Gaugin. The main character is sent on a mission to find the remiss husband of a friend. Once he finds this man, Charles Strickland, he is unable to make him come back to his wife in England. Charles has left his life of relative ease to become an artist - and not a very good one, according to some. How do you reason with a man who doesn't care what anyone thinks of him? How do you persuade him to do what society tells him he must do? Most importantly, how do you prevent yourself from being corrupted by him - and should you? (Fiction, 1919, 241 pages)

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  1. Chapter I
  5. Chapter V
  10. Chapter X
  11. Chapter XI
  12. Chapter XII
  14. Chapter XIV
  15. Chapter XV
  16. Chapter XVI
  19. Chapter XIX
  20. Chapter XX
  21. Chapter XXI
  25. Chapter XXV
  30. Chapter XXX
  40. Chapter XL
  41. Chapter XLI
  45. Chapter XLV
  50. Chapter L
  51. Chapter LII
  52. Chapter LII
  54. Chapter LIV
  55. Chapter LV
  56. Chapter LVI

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