Eleanor H. Porter: Pollyanna

31. CHAPTER XXXI. A NEW UNCLE (continued)

"Aunt Polly, Aunt Polly, WERE you the woman's hand and heart he wanted so long ago? You were--I know you were! And that's what he meant by saying I'd done the gladdest job of all--to-day. I'm so glad! Why, Aunt Polly, I don't know but I'm so glad that I don't mind--even my legs, now!"

Aunt Polly swallowed a sob.

"Perhaps, some day, dear--" But Aunt Polly did not finish. Aunt Polly did not dare to tell, yet, the great hope that Dr. Chilton had put into her heart. But she did say this--and surely this was quite wonderful enough--to Pollyanna's mind:

"Pollyanna, next week you're going to take a journey. On a nice comfortable little bed you're going to be carried in cars and carriages to a great doctor who has a big house many miles from here made on purpose for just such people as you are. He's a dear friend of Dr. Chilton's, and we're going to see what he can do for you!"

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