Kate Douglas Wiggin: Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm

4. IV. REBECCA'S POINT OF VIEW (continued)

 My gardian angel is asleep
 At leest he doth no vigil keep

Ah I woe is me!

 Then give me back my lonely farm
 Where none alive did wish me harm
     Dear home of youth!

P. S. again. I made the poetry like a piece in a book but could not get it right at first. You see "tomb" and "good" do not sound well together but I wanted to say "tomb" dreadfully and as serrafim are always "good" I couldn't take that out. I have made it over now. It does not say my thoughts as well but think it is more right. Give the best one to John as he keeps them in a box with his birds' eggs. This is the best one.




 This house is dark and dull and drear
 No light doth shine from far or near
     Nor ever could.

 And those of us who live herein
 Are most as dead as seraphim
     Though not as good.

 My guardian angel is asleep
 At least he doth no vigil keep
     But far doth roam.

 Then give me back my lonely farm
 Where none alive did wish me harm,
     Dear childhood home!

Dear Mother,--I am thrilling with unhappyness this morning. I got that out of Cora The Doctor's Wife whose husband's mother was very cross and unfealing to her like Aunt M. to me. I wish Hannah had come instead of me for it was Hannah that was wanted and she is better than I am and does not answer back so quick. Are there any peaces of my buff calico. Aunt J. wants enough to make a new waste button behind so I wont look so outlandish. The stiles are quite pretty in Riverboro and those at Meeting quite ellergant more so than in Temperance.

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