William Shakespeare: King Henry VI, First Part

3. SCENE III. Auvergne. The Countess's castle.

[Enter the Countess and her Porter.]

Porter, remember what I gave in charge;
And when you have done so, bring the keys to me.

Madam, I will.


The plot is laid: if all things fall out right,
I shall as famous be by this exploit
As Scythian Tomyris by Cyrus' death.
Great is the rumor of this dreadful knight,
And his achievements of no less account:
Fain would mine eyes be witness with mine ears,
To give their censure of these rare reports.

[Enter Messenger and Talbot.]

according as your ladyship desired,
By message craved, so is Lord Talbot come.

And he is welcome. What! is this the man?

Madam, it is.

Is this the scourge of France?
Is this the Talbot, so much fear'd abroad
That with his name the mothers still their babes?
I see report is fabulous and false:
I thought I should have seen some Hercules,
A second Hector, for his grim aspect,
And large proportion of his strong-knit limbs.
Alas, this is a child, a silly dwarf!
It cannot be this weak and writhled shrimp
Should strike such terror to his enemies.

Madam, I have been bold to trouble you;
But since your ladyship is not at leisure,
I 'll sort some other time to visit you.

What means he now? Go ask him whither he goes.

Stay, my Lord Talbot; for my lady craves
To know the cause of your abrupt departure.

Marry, for that she's in a wrong belief,
I go to certify her Talbot's here.

[Re-enter Porter with keys.]

If thou be he, then art thou prisoner.

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