William Shakespeare: King Henry IV Part II

4. SCENE IV. London. The Boar's-head Tavern in Eastcheap. (continued)

Sick of a calm; yea, good faith.

So is all her sect; an they be once in a calm, they are sick.

You muddy rascal, is that all the comfort you give me?

You make fat rascals, Mistress Doll.

I make them! gluttony and diseases make them; I make them not.

If the cook help to make the gluttony, you help to make the diseases,
Doll: we catch of you, Doll, we catch of you; grant that, my poor
virtue, grant that.

Yea, joy, our chains and our jewels.

"Your brooches, pearls, and ouches:" for to serve bravely is to come
halting off, you know: to come off the breach with his pike bent
bravely, and to surgery bravely; to venture upon the charged chambers

Hang yourself, you muddy conger, hang yourself!

By my troth, this is the old fashion; you two never meet but you
fall to some discord: you are both, i' good truth, as rheumatic
as two dry toasts; you cannot one bear with another's confirmities.
What the good-year! one must bear, and that must be you: you are the
weaker vessel, as as they say, the emptier vessel.

Can a weak empty vessel bear such a huge full hogshead? there's a whole
merchant's venture of Bourdeaux stuff in him; you have not seen a hulk
better stuffed in the hold. Come, I'll be friends with thee, Jack:
thou art going to the wars; and whether I shall ever see thee again or
no, there is nobody cares.

[Re-enter First Drawer.]

Sir, Ancient Pistol's below, and would speak with you.

Hang him, swaggering rascal! let him not come hither: it is the
foul-mouthed'st rogue in England.

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