William Shakespeare: King Henry IV Part II

2. SCENE II. Another part of the forest. (continued)

And though we here fall down,
We have supplies to second our attempt:
If they miscarry, theirs shall second them;
And so success of mischief shall be born
And heir from heir shall hold this quarrel up
Whiles England shall have generation.

You are too shallow, Hastings, much to shallow,
To sound the bottom of the after-times.

Pleaseth your grace to answer them directly
How far forth you do like their articles.

I like them all, and do allow them well,
And swear here, by the honour of my blood,
My father's purposes have been mistook,
And some about him have too lavishly
Wrested his meaning and authority.
My lord, these griefs shall be with speed redress'd;
Upon my soul, they shall. If this may please you,
Discharge your powers unto their several counties,
As we will ours; and here between the armies
Let 's drink together friendly and embrace,
That all their eyes may bear those tokens home
Of our restored love and amity.

I take your princely word for these redresses.

I give it you, and will maintain my word:
And thereupon I drink unto your grace.

Go, captain, and deliver to the army
This news of peace: let them have pay, and part:
I know it will please them. Hie thee, captain.

[Exit Officer.]

To you, my noble Lord of Westmoreland.

I pledge your grace; and, if you knew what pains
I have bestow'd to breed this present peace,
You would drink freely: but my love to ye
Shall show itself more openly hereafter.

I do not doubt you.

I am glad of it.
Health to my lord and gentle cousin, Mowbray.

You wish me health in very happy season,
For I am, on the sudden, something ill.

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