William Shakespeare: King Henry IV Part II

3. SCENE III. Another part of the forest. (continued)

I am, my lord, but as my betters are
That led me hither: had they been ruled by me,
You should have won them dearer than you have.

I know not how they sold themselves: but thou, like a kind
fellow, gavest thyself away gratis; and I thank thee for thee.

[Re-enter Westmoreland.]

Now, have you left pursuit?

Retreat is made and execution stay'd.

Send Colevile with his confederates
To York, to present execution.
Blunt, lead him hence; and see you guard him sure.

[Exeunt Blunt and others with Colevile.]

And now dispatch we toward the court, my lords:
I hear the king my father is sore sick:
Our news shall go before us to his majesty,
Which, cousin, you shall bear to comfort him,
And we with sober speed will follow you.

My lord, I beseech you, give me leave to go through Gloucestershire:
and, when you come to court, stand my good lord, pray, in your good

Fare you well, Falstaff: I, in my condition,
Shall better speak of you than you deserve.

[Exeunt all but Falstaff.]

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