William Shakespeare: King Henry VI, First Part

3. SCENE III. London. Before the Tower. (continued)

Here's Gloucester, a foe to citizens,
One that still motions war and never peace,
O'ercharging your free purses with large fines,
That seeks to overthrow religion,
Because he is protector of the realm,
And would have armour here out of the Tower,
To crown himself king and suppress the prince.

I will not answer thee with words, but blows.
Here they skirmish again.

Nought rests for me in this tumultuous strife
But to make open proclamation:
Come, officer; as loud as e'er thou canst:

All manner of men assembled here in arms
this day against God's peace and the king's, we charge
and command you, in his highness' name, to repair to
your several dwelling-places; and not to wear, handle, or
use any sword, weapon, or dagger, henceforward, upon
pain of death.

Cardinal, I 'll be no breaker of the law;
But we shall meet, and break our minds at large.

Gloucester, we will meet; to thy cost, be sure;
Thy heart-blood I will have for this day's work.

I 'll call for clubs, if you will not away.
This Cardinal's more haughty than the devil.

Mayor, farewell: thou dost but what thou mayst.

Abominable Gloucester, guard thy head;
For I intend to have it ere long.

[Exeunt, severally, Gloucester and Winchester with their

See the coast clear'd, and then we will depart.
Good God, these nobles should such stomachs bear!
I myself fight not once in forty year.


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