William Shakespeare: King Henry VI, First Part

1. SCENE I. Before Orleans. (continued)

And here will Talbot mount, or make his grave.
Now, Salisbury, for thee, and for the right
Of English Henry, shall this night appear
How much in duty I am bound to both.

Arm! arm! the enemy doth make assault!

[Cry: 'St George,' 'A Talbot.']

[The French leap over the walls in their shirts.
Enter, several ways, the Bastard of Orleans, Alencon, and
Reignier, half ready, and half unready.]

How now, my lords! what, all unready so?

Unready! aye, and glad we 'scap'd so well.

'Twas time, I trow, to wake and leave our beds,
Hearing alarums at our chamber-doors.

Of all exploits since first I follow'd arms,
Ne'er heard I of a warlike enterprise
More venturous or desperate than this.

I think this Talbot be a fiend of hell.

If not of hell, the heavens, sure, favor him.

Here cometh Charles: I marvel how he sped.

Tut, holy Joan was his defensive guard.

[Enter Charles and La Pucelle.]

Is this thy cunning, thou deceitful dame?
Didst thou at first, to flatter us withal,
Make us partakers of a little gain,
That now our loss might be ten times so much?

Wherefore is Charles impatient with his friend?
At all times will you have my power alike?
Sleeping or waking must I still prevail,
Or will you blame and lay the fault on me?
Improvident soldiers! had your watch been good,
This sudden mischief never could have fall'n.

Duke of Alencon, this was your default,
That, being captain of the watch to-night,
Did look no better to that weighty charge.

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