William Shakespeare: King Henry VI, Second Part

7. SCENE VII. London. Smithfield. (continued)

Well, he shall be beheaded for it ten times.--Ah, thou say,
thou serge, nay, thou buckram lord! now art thou within point-
blank of our jurisdiction regal. What canst thou answer to my
majesty for giving up of Normandy unto Mounsieur Basimecu, the
dauphin of France? Be it known unto thee by these presence, even
the presence of Lord Mortimer, that I am the besom that must
sweep the court clean of such filth as thou art. Thou hast most
traitorously corrupted the youth of the realm in erecting a
grammar school; and whereas, before, our forefathers had no other
books but the score and the tally, thou hast caused printing to
be used, and, contrary to the king, his crown, and dignity, thou
hast built a paper-mill. It will be proved to thy face that thou
hast men about thee that usually talk of a noun and a verb, and
such abominable words as no Christian ear can endure to hear.
Thou hast appointed justices of peace, to call poor men before
them about matters they were not able to answer. Moreover, thou
hast put them in prison, and because they could not read, thou
hast hanged them; when, indeed, only for that cause they have
been most worthy to live. Thou dost ride in a foot-cloth, dost
thou not?

What of that?

Marry, thou oughtest not to let thy horse wear a cloak
when honester men than thou go in their hose and doublets.

And work in their shirt too; as myself, for example, that
am a butcher.

You men of Kent,--

What say you of Kent?

Nothing but this; 't is 'bona terra, mala gens.'

Away with him, away with him! he speaks Latin.

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