William Shakespeare: King Henry VI, Second Part

8. SCENE VIII. Southwark.

[Alarum and retreat. Enter CADE and all his rabblement.]

Up Fish Street! down Saint Magnus' Corner! kill
and knock down! Throw them into Thames! [Sound a parley.]
What noise is this I hear? Dare any be so bold to sound retreat
or parley when I command them kill?

[Enter BUCKINGHAM and old CLIFFORD, attended.]

Ay, here they be that dare and will disturb thee.
Know, Cade, we come ambassadors from the king
Unto the commons whom thou hast misled,
And here pronounce free pardon to them all
That will forsake thee and go home in peace.

What say ye, countrymen? will ye relent
And yield to mercy whilst 't is offer'd you,
Or let a rebel lead you to your deaths?
Who loves the king and will embrace his pardon,
Fling up his cap, and say 'God save his Majesty!'
Who hateth him and honours not his father,
Henry the Fifth, that made all France to quake,
Shake he his weapon at us and pass by.

God save the king! God save the king!

What, Buckingham and Clifford, are ye so brave?--
And you, base peasants, do ye believe him? will you needs be
hang'd with your about your necks? Hath my sword therefore
broke through London gates, that you should leave me at the
White Hart in Southwark? I thought ye would never have given
out these arms till you had recovered your ancient freedom;
but you are all recreants and dastards, and delight to live in
slavery to the nobility. Let them break your backs with burthens,
take your houses over your heads, ravish your wives and daughters
before your faces. For me, I will make shift for one; and so,
God's curse light upon you all!

We'll follow Cade, we'll follow Cade!

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