William Shakespeare: King Henry VI, Third Part

4. SCENE IV. Plains wear Tewkesbury (continued)

Women and children of so high a courage,
And warriors faint! why, 't were perpetual shame.--
O, brave young prince! thy famous grandfather
Doth live again in thee; long mayst thou live
To bear his image and renew his glories!

And he that will not fight for such a hope,
Go home to bed, and like the owl by day,
If he arise, be mock'd and wonder'd at.

Thanks, gentle Somerset.--Sweet Oxford, thanks.

And take his thanks that yet hath nothing else.

[Enter a Messenger.]

Prepare you, lords, for Edward is at hand
Ready to fight; therefore be resolute.

I thought no less; it is his policy
To haste thus fast, to find us unprovided.

But he's deceiv'd; we are in readiness.

This cheers my heart, to see your forwardness.

Here pitch our battle; hence we will not budge.

[Flourish and march. Enter KING EDWARD, CLARENCE,
GLOSTER, and Forces.]

Brave followers, yonder stands the thorny wood
Which, by the heaven's assistance and your strength,
Must by the roots be hewn up yet ere night.
I need not add more fuel to your fire,
For, well I wot, ye blaze to burn them out.
Give signal to the fight, and to it, lords.

Lords, knights, and gentlemen, what I should say,
My tears gainsay; for every word I speak,
Ye see I drink the water of my eyes.
Therefore, no more but this: Henry, your sovereign,
Is prisoner to the foe, his state usurp'd,
His realm a slaughter-house, his subjects slain,
His statutes cancell'd, and his treasure spent;
And yonder is the wolf that makes this spoil.
You fight in justice; then, in God's name, lords,
Be valiant and give signal to the fight.

[Exeunt both armies.]

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