William Shakespeare: The Life of King Henry V

1. SCENE I. London. A street.

[Enter Corporal Nym and Lieutenant Bardolph.]

Well met, Corporal Nym.

Good morrow, Lieutenant Bardolph.

What, are Ancient Pistol and you friends yet?

For my part, I care not. I say little; but when time shall
serve, there shall be smiles; but that shall be as it may. I dare
not fight, but I will wink and hold out mine iron. It is a simple
one, but what though? It will toast cheese, and it will endure
cold as another man's sword will; and there's an end.

I will bestow a breakfast to make you friends; and we'll
be all three sworn brothers to France. Let it be so, good
Corporal Nym.

Faith, I will live so long as I may, that's the certain of it; and
when I cannot live any longer, I will do as I may. That is my rest,
that is the rendezvous of it.

It is certain, corporal, that he is married to Nell Quickly; and
certainly she did you wrong, for you were troth-plight to her.

I cannot tell. Things must be as they may. Men may sleep, and
they may have their throats about them at that time; and some say
knives have edges. It must be as it may. Though patience be a
tired mare, yet she will plod. There must be conclusions. Well, I
cannot tell.

[Enter Pistol and Hostess.]

Here comes Ancient Pistol and his wife. Good Corporal, be
patient here. How now, mine host Pistol!

Base tike, call'st thou me host?
Now, by this hand, I swear I scorn the term;
Nor shall my Nell keep lodgers.

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