William Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing

ACT 3.
5. Scene V. Another Room in LEONATO'S House (continued)

A good old man, sir; he will be talking; as they say, 'when the age
is in, the wit is out.' God help us! it is a world to see! Well said,
i' faith, neighbour Verges: well, God's a good man; an two men ride
of a horse, one must ride behind. An honest soul, i' faith, sir; by
my troth he is, as ever broke bread; but God is to be worshipped: all
men are not alike; alas! good neighbour.

Indeed, neighbour, he comes too short of you.

Gifts that God gives.

I must leave you.

One word, sir: our watch, sir, hath indeed comprehended two
aspicious persons, and we would have them this morning examined
before your worship.

Take their examination yourself, and bring it me: I am now in great
haste, as may appear unto you.

It shall be suffigance.

Drink some wine ere you go: fare you well.

[Enter a Messenger.]

My lord, they stay for you to give your daughter to her husband.

I'll wait upon them: I am ready.

[Exeunt LEONATO and Messenger.]

Go, good partner, go, get you to Francis Seacoal; bid him bring his
pen and inkhorn to the gaol: we are now to examination these men.

And we must do it wisely.

We will spare for no wit, I warrant you; here's that shall drive some
of them to a non-come: only get the learned writer to set down our
excommunication, and meet me at the gaol.


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