William Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing

ACT 4.
1. Scene I. The Inside of a Church. (continued)

Hear me, Beatrice,--

Talk with a man out at a window! a proper saying!

Nay, but Beatrice,--

Sweet Hero! she is wronged, she is slandered, she is undone.


Princes and counties! Surely, a princely testimony, a goodly Count
Comfect; a sweet gallant, surely! O! that I were a man for his sake,
or that I had any friend would be a man for my sake! But manhood is
melted into cursies, valour into compliment, and men are only turned
into tongue, and trim ones too: he is now as valiant as Hercules, that
only tells a lie and swears it. I cannot be a man with wishing,
therefore I will die a woman with grieving.

Tarry, good Beatrice. By this hand, I love thee.

Use it for my love some other way than swearing by it.

Think you in your soul the Count Claudio hath wronged Hero?

Yea, as sure is I have a thought or a soul.

Enough! I am engaged, I will challenge him. I will kiss your hand,
and so leave you. By this hand, Claudio shall render me a dear account.
As you hear of me, so think of me. Go, comfort your cousin: I must
say she is dead; and so, farewell.


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