William Shakespeare: The Life and Death of King Richard III

4. SCENE IV. London. Before the palace. (continued)

Such proclamation hath been made, my liege.

[Enter a fourth MESSENGER.]

Sir Thomas Lovel and Lord Marquis Dorset,
'Tis said, my liege, in Yorkshire are in arms.
But this good comfort bring I to your highness,--
The Britagne navy is dispers'd by tempest:
Richmond, in Dorsetshire, sent out a boat
Unto the shore, to ask those on the banks
If they were his assistants, yea or no;
Who answer'd him they came from Buckingham
Upon his party. he, mistrusting them,
Hois'd sail, and made his course again for Britagne.

March on, march on, since we are up in arms;
If not to fight with foreign enemies,
Yet to beat down these rebels here at home.

[Re-enter CATESBY.]

My liege, the Duke of Buckingham is taken,--
That is the best news: that the Earl of Richmond
Is with a mighty power landed at Milford
Is colder tidings, yet they must be told.

Away towards Salisbury! while we reason here
A royal battle might be won and lost:--
Some one take order Buckingham be brought
To Salisbury; the rest march on with me.

[Flourish. Exeunt.]

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