William Shakespeare: The Taming of the Shrew

1. SCENE I. Padua. A room in BAPTISTA'S house. (continued)

   'Gamut' I am, the ground of all accord,
     'A re,' to plead Hortensio's passion;
   'B mi,' Bianca, take him for thy lord,
     'C fa ut,' that loves with all affection:
   'D sol re,' one clef, two notes have I
   'E la mi,' show pity or I die.
Call you this gamut? Tut, I like it not:
Old fashions please me best; I am not so nice,
To change true rules for odd inventions.

[Enter a SERVANT.]

Mistress, your father prays you leave your books,
And help to dress your sister's chamber up:
You know to-morrow is the wedding-day.

Farewell, sweet masters, both: I must be gone.

[Exeunt BIANCA and SERVANT.]

Faith, mistress, then I have no cause to stay.


But I have cause to pry into this pedant:
Methinks he looks as though he were in love.
Yet if thy thoughts, Bianca, be so humble
To cast thy wand'ring eyes on every stale,
Seize thee that list: if once I find thee ranging,
Hortensio will be quit with thee by changing.


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