William Shakespeare: The Taming of the Shrew

2. SCENE II. Padua. Before BAPTISTA'S house. (continued)

Ay, sir, in Pisa have I often been,
Pisa renowned for grave citizens.

Among them know you one Vincentio?

I know him not, but I have heard of him,
A merchant of incomparable wealth.

He is my father, sir; and, sooth to say,
In countenance somewhat doth resemble you.

[Aside.] As much as an apple doth an oyster, and all one.

To save your life in this extremity,
This favour will I do you for his sake;
And think it not the worst of all your fortunes
That you are like to Sir Vincentio.
His name and credit shall you undertake,
And in my house you shall be friendly lodg'd;
Look that you take upon you as you should!
You understand me, sir; so shall you stay
Till you have done your business in the city.
If this be courtesy, sir, accept of it.

O, sir, I do; and will repute you ever
The patron of my life and liberty.

Then go with me to make the matter good.
This, by the way, I let you understand:
My father is here look'd for every day
To pass assurance of a dower in marriage
'Twixt me and one Baptista's daughter here:
In all these circumstances I'll instruct you.
Go with me to clothe you as becomes you.


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