William Shakespeare: King Henry VI, Third Part

1. SCENE I. Coventry. (continued)

Father of Warwick, know you what this means?

[Taking the red rose out of his hat.]

Look here, I throw my infamy at thee;
I will not ruinate my father's house,
Who gave his blood to lime the stones together,
And set up Lancaster. Why, trow'st thou, Warwick,
That Clarence is so harsh, so blunt, unnatural,
To bend the fatal instruments of war
Against his brother and his lawful king?
Perhaps thou wilt object my holy oath;
To keep that oath were more impiety
Than Jephtha's when he sacrific'd his daughter.
I am so sorry for my trespass made
That, to deserve well at my brother's hands,
I here proclaim myself thy mortal foe,
With resolution, whereso'er I meet thee--
As I will meet thee, if thou stir abroad--
To plague thee for thy foul misleading me.
And so, proud-hearted Warwick, I defy thee,
And to my brother turn my blushing cheeks.--
Pardon me, Edward, I will make amends;--
And, Richard, do not frown upon my faults,
For I will henceforth be no more unconstant.

Now, welcome more, and ten times more belov'd,
Than if thou never hadst deserv'd our hate.

Welcome, good Clarence; this is brother-like.

O passing traitor, perjur'd and unjust!

What, Warwick, wilt thou leave the town and fight,
Or shall we beat the stones about thine ears?

Alas! I am not coop'd here for defence;
I will away towards Barnet presently,
And bid thee battle, Edward, if thou dar'st.

Yes, Warwick, Edward dares and leads the way.--
Lords, to the field! Saint George and victory!

[March. Exeunt.]

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