William Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing

ACT 5.
4. Scene IV. A Room in LEONATO'S House. (continued)

And my help. Here comes the prince and Claudio.

[Enter DON PEDRO and CLAUDIO, with Attendants.]

Good morrow to this fair assembly.

Good morrow, prince; good morrow, Claudio:
We here attend you. Are you yet determin'd
To-day to marry with my brother's daughter?

I'll hold my mind, were she an Ethiope.

Call her forth, brother: here's the friar ready.


Good morrow, Benedick. Why, what's the matter,
That you have such a February face,
So full of frost, of storm and cloudiness?

I think he thinks upon the savage bull.
Tush! fear not, man, we'll tip thy horns with gold,
And all Europa shall rejoice at thee,
As once Europa did at lusty Jove,
When he would play the noble beast in love.

Bull Jove, sir, had an amiable low:
And some such strange bull leap'd your father's cow,
And got a calf in that same noble feat,
Much like to you, for you have just his bleat.

For this I owe you: here comes other reckonings.

[Re-enter ANTONIO, with the ladies masked.]

Which is the lady I must seize upon?

This same is she, and I do give you her.

Why then, she's mine. Sweet, let me see your face.

No, that you shall not, till you take her hand
Before this friar, and swear to marry her.

Give me your hand: before this holy friar,
I am your husband, if you like of me.

And when I liv'd, I was your other wife:
[Unmasking.] And when you lov'd, you were my other husband.

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