William Shakespeare: King Henry VI, Second Part

7. SCENE VII. London. Smithfield.

[Alarums. MATTHEW GOFFE is slain, and all the rest. Then enter
JACK CADE, with his company.]

So, sirs.--Now go some and pull down the Savoy; others
to the inns of court; down with them all.

I have a suit unto your lordship.

Be it a lordship, thou shalt have it for that word.

Only that the laws of England may come out of
your mouth.

[Aside.] Mass, 't will be sore law, then; for he
was thrust in the mouth with a spear, and 't is not whole yet.

[Aside.] Nay, John, it will be stinking law, for his
breath stinks with eating toasted cheese.

I have thought upon it, it shall be so. Away, burn
all the records of the realm. My mouth shall be the parliament
of England.

[Aside.] Then we are like to have biting statutes,
unless his teeth be pulled out.

And henceforward all things shall be in common.

[Enter a Messenger.]

My lord, a prize, a prize! here's the Lord
Say, which sold the towns in France; he that made us pay
one and twenty fifteens, and one shilling to the pound, the
last subsidy.

[Enter GEOGE BEVIS, with the LORD SAY.]

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